Hempstead Community Land Trust

Facilitating Affordable Homeownership opportunities in the Village of Hempstead, NY

Our Vision

Development Without Displacement

Our vision is to bridge the gap and eliminate the barriers of home ownership for families of marginal income while building wealth and stability over time for our Hempstead Community Land Trust homeowners and the community residents. Through perpetual responsibility, provide ongoing stewardship of homes,land, and homeowners to ensure success. To preserve affordability, the prevention of displacement and provide access to a range of community-focused initiatives including financial and first-time home buyer education programs.

Our Mission

Build Generational Wealth

Hempstead Community Land Trust is a 501(c)3 member-based organization with a mission to acquire, redevelop, and provide affordable home ownership, and economic opportunities to families of low-to moderate income while preserving future affordability in perpetuity within the boundaries of the Village of Hempstead.

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