Become an HCLT Member

Become or Renew Your HCLT Membership

You can use this form to become a member of the HCLT or to renew your membership. Individual membership is $10/yr and entity membership is $150/yr. This year's membership dues cover membership from the date of payment through the end of the calendar year. Entity members include business membership, religious institution membership, agency membership and CDA membership. If you are renewing your membership and you have not moved, you do not need to enter your address.

Voting members consist of

1. Individual members above the age of 18 who reside in the 11550 zip code.

2. One representative of an entity membership for entities serving the Hempstead community.

If you are opting for a new individual membership, in order to be considered a voting member you must give us your address. If you are becoming a new entity member, in order to be considered a voting member please supply the address of your place of business, or explain in the comments how you are serving the Hempstead Community and supply the name and contact information for the person representing your business or organization in the text box. If you are renewing an entity membership, please confirm the name and contact information of your representative in the text box.

Although you may join as a member even if you do not qualify as a voting member, if your intent was to give us a donation rather than join as a member, please use this form instead.

Note: membership dues payments will include this year's membership unless you have already paid your dues for this year. If you have already paid this year's membership dues, we will use your payment for membership dues for the number of years indicated starting from next year. If there is anything more complicated going on, please explain it in the text box. You can join up to five years in advance.

Finally, we are charged a fee of 1%+$0.30 for donations directly from your checking account and 2.9%+$0.30 for donations from most credit cards (much higher from American Express). Please consider opting to pay the fee as well to help your membership fee go further.

The HCLT is a registered nonprofit. Membership dues are tax deductible. HCLT EIN is 84-2423993