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Donate to the HCLT

To donate to the HCLT, click here.

The Hempstead Community Land Trust (HCLT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to keep long-term affordable home-ownership in Village of Hempstead, NY, and surrounding areas. Your donation will help!

If you do not want to earmark the donation to a specific purpose, you can choose to add it to the general fund. If you'd like to earmark it for a specific purpose, you can either choose the fund or tell us the purpose in the text box.

Note that we are charged a fee of 1%+$0.30 for donations directly from your checking account and 2.9%+$0.30 for donations from most credit cards (much higher from American Express). Please consider opting to pay the donation fee as well to help your donation go further.

If your intent is to pay your membership dues rather than simply give us a donation, please use this form.

The HCLT is a registered nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible. HCLT EIN is 84-2423993